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            身體直立, 雙手向背后交叉, 手心向上并相握, 由另一人按自己手心向下壓, 身體會向后傾斜并腳尖離地;然后佩帶鈦鍺飾品一秒中后 ,再重復以上動作, 身體明顯感覺不同, 傾斜度大大減小,腳尖不離地或離地很少, 說明鈦鍺飾品已經在發揮作用。
            其原理是鈦鍺飾品中的鍺接觸人體后,快速釋放負離子,讓身體內部迅速形成一種微循環,從而達到初始的平衡狀態,因為身體在受到外力拉伸時, 與不使用鈦鍺飾品完全不同;
            如果您佩帶的是手鏈,另一種,測試方法是用手將一瓶礦泉水或物品,象舉啞鈴一樣向上向內舉起,感覺肌肉的伸張力 ,然后佩帶手鏈十分鐘后,再重復同樣動作,可以發現有明顯的不同感覺。
            您如有興趣可以試一下 !!

            The identification method of titanium:
            1, weight: pure titanium material is lighter, nearly twice as often than stainless steel material is qualitative light, so to be called a light metal.
            2, color: the color of the pure titanium material in dark grey white appeared in front of the world forever, no matter how polishing method, will not light as well as steel products.
            3, properties: pure titanium is no magnetic, we use the side of the magnet can testify.
            4, experiment: ceramic is one of the best ways to test purity of titanium, titanium products in our white ceramic cup or score on an ceramics, leave a mark, mark is black, represents the purity of the pure titanium, but don't take yourself very precious cup or products to do the experiment well, because the black mark is not lost!
            Warm prompt: don't let the titanium knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, with high-grade ceramic products used at the same time, otherwise you will be very sad!
            Germanium titanium jewelry is one of the most simple method of actual experience is as follows:
            The body upright, his hands crossed behind to, palms up and showing, to press by another person in his palm, the body will lean back and toe off the ground; Then after wearing germanium titanium jewelry in a second, repeat the above action, body feeling distinctly different gradient decrease greatly, tiptoe and carrots or rarely from the ground, explain germanium titanium jewelry has been at work.
            Its principle is the germanium titanium germanium jewelry after contact with the human body, quick release negative ions, let the body quickly formed a microcirculation, so as to achieve the initial state of equilibrium, because the body under the tensile force, and does not use titanium germanium jewelry is completely different;
            If you wear a bracelet, another, a test method is a bottle of mineral water in your hands or objects, like the dumbbell up to lift, feel the muscle tension, and then wear a bracelet after ten minutes, repeat the same action, can be found to have significantly different feeling.
            Another way, one hand clasped thumb and middle finger, after wearing titanium germanium jewelry, please another attempt to separate two fingers, will find the strength and the feeling of not wearing different, and the magic can test, like electric current, continuous delivery three people;
            If you are interested you can have a try!!

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